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The African Hub works to promote Rights of Nature through awareness-raising, advocacy, movement-building and training.

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Voices of Earth Defenders in Africa

Welcome to our exhibition on the Voices of Earth Defenders in Africa. We catalogue the diversity and wealth of knowledge on Rights of Nature and Earth Jurisprudence from across the African continent.

Reuben Hlangano (Zimbabwe)

Reuben speaks about the role of the law in protecting Nature, and ensuring that the law is in the hands of those who respect Nature.

Enelani Mathebula

Enelani speaks on the need for protecting animals and respecting their rights.

Oussou Lio Appolinaire (Benin)

Oussou Lio speaks on the importance of protecting and conserving forests.

Edem Eniang (Nigeria)

Edem speaks about the River Ethiope and its ecosystem, including its importance to local communities.

Cormac Cullinan (South Africa)

Cormac speaks about harmonious co-existence within Nature and how it relates to the Rights of Nature movement.