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Welcome to the African Hub of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature

We present information, resources, stories, media and events relevant to GARN in Africa. We promote the Rights of Nature on the African Continent, and highlight the efforts and outcomes of the GARN Africa Hub, its members and partners.

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What are the Rights of Nature?

It is the recognition that our ecosystems – including trees, oceans, animals, mountains – have rights just as human beings have rights. Rights of Nature is about recognising that humans are part of Nature, and that it is essential to recognise and prioritise the well-being of Nature for the sake of humans and other species. It is the holistic recognition that all life and all ecosystems on our planet, are deeply intertwined. Rather than treating nature as property under the law, acknowledging the Rights of Nature ensures that nature in all its life forms has the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles.

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What is the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature?

The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature is a global network of organizations and individuals committed to the universal adoption and implementation of legal systems that recognize, respect and enforce “Rights of Nature”. Our members are a diverse network of scientists, attorneys, economists, indigenous leaders, authors, spiritual leaders, business leaders, politicians, actors, homemakers, students, activists: people from all walks of life in over 100 countries on 6 continents: North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia who are looking to transform our human relationship with our planet.

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